Wealthston Publishing is in full support of Bria because we know that the sittuation below is not her fault. This sittuation happened before she published her book 'The blondness of Blond.' She is everything that is nice, sweet and kind to us and those around her:


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BOOK: 15 Things to know for Happiness - Bria Catton

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Bria Catton would like to release a statement:

I would like to release a statement:

I am currently going through a situation. This sittuation happened before I published the book 'The Blondness of Blond'. The situation is that I was framed by a psychologist who made up lies about me to say that I was mentally ill. Mental illness is the inability to tell “what is” from “what is”. And I am able to do that. I am currently undertaking the university course of Law and Commerce at Deakin university. To obtain a place in this course required hard work and dedicated mental capacity. This proves the opposite of what the psychologist states to be true. I am still studying and will finish in 2021.

There is a report about me, which supposedly tells about me and my situation. I would like to say that the report is falsely obtained and is misguided. The people writing the report made up lies when they don’t know about the situation.

I am dealing with the situation by going to the right authorities. The law is on my side because “truth is not truth unless it is the complete truth”. And I have been lied about.

I would like to make this statement upfront to the public. I would like to ask that the situation be respected. I would not like to make any further comments about the situation until I can get it resolved. I would like to keep communicating to the public by my works. I would still like to communicate to the public through chosen channels. I ask for your support and understanding,

I thank you for your support so far. And I would like to have you know that once I complete my studies I would work for a better world, so situations like this doesn’t happen to anybody.
I hope you are well and happy.

With care and love,


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